A company’s most valuable asset is its employees, and none so much as the executive team. Protecting your company’s key assets against the risk of litigation is critical to protecting your company.

At INSURICA, our holistic approach to insurance management takes into consideration the importance of corporate transparency and governance practices in relation to the fiduciary duties of corporate executives.

Our team of Executive Insurance experts can help you:

  • Measure your executive exposures
  • Continuously analyze your coverage
  • Protect your company’s key assets
  • Identify the optimum D&O program for your company
  • Reduce litigation exposure for your leadership
  • Monitor trends in the marketplace
  • Stay current with changing legal, legislative and regulatory activity.

Put The Power Of An Entire Network Behind Your Executives.

Being part of the INSURICA Insurance Management Network gives you access to executive-specific coverage, including:

  • D&O (Management Liability)
  • Employment Practices
  • Crime and Dishonesty
  • Fiduciary


Whether you’re looking for claims management, loss control or alternative risk programs, INSURICA’s network of industry specialists has a program to meet your business needs.

We specialize in core industries. From construction to hospitality, transportation to education and beyond, our industry-specific knowledge, risk and loss control expertise allows us to uncover often-overlooked risks and opportunities.


Surety Bonds. A guarantee between an owner and contractor. But with the right surety partner, surety bonds can capitalize on opportunities for growth. That’s the kind of aggressive, proactive thinking you’ll get with INSURICA.

Our network of industry-specific experts specializes in core industries such as construction. So we don’t just know the insurance business, we know your business and the distinct needs and challenges associated with it.

The depth of knowledge we bring provides you with insight and strategies that not only protect your company, but can help maximize surety credit and therefore business potential.

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No one knows your business better than you. Followed closely by us.

That’s because the INSURICA Network is made up of insurance and risk experts who specialize in core industries such as yours. And when it comes to successfully managing your business risks, knowledge is the greatest insurance policy.

Our in-depth understanding of your business allows us to uncover often-unseen risks and opportunities that can dramatically lower your exposure and costs.  Quite literally, we dig deeper to help you identify your exposure and efficiently minimize your risks through proven loss prevention and loss reduction techniques.

By working directly with your management team, we’ll help you determine which risks should be managed internally by minimizing or eliminating exposures, and which risks warrant the direct involvement of an insurance company.

Our network of industry-specific experts understands the unique risks and exposure your business faces, because we understand your business.  From having a working knowledge of the details of your operation to the process flow for your product or service, we immerse ourselves into your structure in order to best manage and control your risk.

And because no two industries are the same, with INSURICA, every Risk Management program is one of a kind.

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You can spend a lifetime building wealth and lose it all in a matter of minutes. One unfortunate incident can cost you your home, your property, your life savings, your dreams. That’s why insurance was created, to protect you from life-changing risk. But protection comes in many forms and at many costs.

How do you know what coverage is right for you?  How do you determine if you have too much or to too little? How do you weigh your costs to your risks?

At INSURICA, we don’t just offer coverage, we provide certainty.

By managing your complete risk and exposure needs, we help you “see it all” so you can make an informed decision and plan accordingly.

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Recruiting and retaining the best and brightest is critical to your long-term success. All too often, the difference between a “loyal career” and “just another job” comes down to employee benefits.

But unfortunately, after payroll, employee benefits are the largest budget item for most businesses.

At INSURICA, our Employee Benefits Experts can help you develop and implement a benefits program designed to motivate your employees while minimizing your cost.

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