FAA Criticized For Ineffective Drone Oversight

According to a report released by the Office of Inspector General, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has mishandled a large number of safety violations regarding the use of unmanned aerial systems (UASs), commonly referred to as drones.

Since the FAA has authorized the use of drones for commercial purposes, the agency has granted more than 5,500 exemptions to businesses to allow for the use of drones. However, the report states that the FAA has not responded to the increase in drone operators by adequately training its staff about the new rules for commercial drones. In many instances, the agency also failed to respond to reports of safety violations—at times taking months to respond to complaints.

In addition to a lack of training for inspectors, the report also stated that the FAA lacks a robust data reporting and tracking system for drone activity, and that any available information is difficult to analyze as a result of fragmentation.

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