About This Guide

Directors and officers liability (D&O) insurance is a critical component of almost every organization’s risk management program. In today’s business climate, D&O insurance is no longer a necessity for just large, publicly traded companies. All organizations—regardless of their size, mission or structure—have some form of D&O exposure. Yet, despite the fact that D&O insurance has been around for decades, it remains one of the most complex and misunderstood insurance policies.

At INSURICA, we feel it’s essential to bring as much clarity as possible to the subject of D&O insurance. Doing so allows our clients to make informed buying decisions and structure well-rounded risk management programs. As such, we have developed this guide to educate organizations on the risks facing their directors and officers and how D&O insurance can help.

Remember, INSURICA is here for you. Whether you represent a small nonprofit or a large public corporation, we will take the time necessary to fully understand your organization and find the insurance coverage to suit your needs. D&O insurance is ever changing and varies between insurance companies. Therefore, it is exceedingly important to work with an expert insurance broker that specializes in D&O insurance. INSURICA is proud to provide knowledgeable staff that can protect your organization, boardroom and bottom line.

However, before learning about the mechanics of D&O policies, it’s important to understand the basic duties of directors and officers. When organizations know what’s expected of their leadership team, they are better prepared to mitigate the risks that lead to costly D&O claims.

This guide can help you navigate a confusing topic. Click on the link below to download a PDF copy.

INSURICA Guide to D&O Insurance (U.S.)